Bukmarklet as service

Convenient buttons Symbioses

Actually it is very simple

As practice has shown bookmarklet thing certainly interesting, but not very wide-spread among ordinary Internet users. A vain!
After all, this tool is a very important property.. run the desired function in a single click on the desired page! and that means saving on the simplest actions time trust develops from seconds to minutes, hours and days spent in the blank on the most simple not optimized Web activity. Here below is collected on the page a small selection bookmarklets, designed to accelerate access to some simple functions. Therefore, do not try to give some great advice for whatever you do not have to do the simplest mistakes, and get their use is really handy tool!

  1. Watch the Video! or SECOND VIDEO!
    better once spend a half minutes of time than working an educated bet
  2. Bookmarklets not run on empty pages or in new tabs
    All the same, it does not address the network, and they work by introducing an already open you page.. that keeps you from throwing between browser tabs
  3. Do not attempt to immediately establish a multitude bookmarklet!
    since the practice has brought that if polzavatel not remember exactly where it is on the page potrebovshayasya function he did not use or resort to what some standard methods of action and as a result kazhdnodnevnaya waste of time.
  4. According run several times a bookmarklet
    It is very important matter of habit user .. we do not even notice how sometimes tied to any action sequences! And in order to get used to using the new features is better to repeat the action several times
  5. Learn how bookmarklet
    A little reluctance to study available information about the capabilities of specific bookmarklets sometimes lead to strange results when the user uses only part of the features. Not wanting to ignore the rest.. ужос
  6. Group your bookmarks
    Since the bookmarks bar is not quite large, then it is usually very quickly filled. Therefore it is better to group your bookmarklets on thematic papkam.A panel to keep only the most frequently used buttons
  7. Remember the availability bookmarklet
    Do not forget that, except for the simplest bookmarklets usually pulled from the Internet a certain amount of resources. And here is may be possible with the availability of the server or the page is under https:// So do not immediately infer the fault of your bookmarks

P.S Also worth mentioning is that, bookmarklets not optimized for small screens, and do not support Internet Explorer (long story ..)